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N.S. environmental group seeks changes to province's Parks Act

Matthew Moore CBC News - October 30, 2023 Full article published here

Those who opposed a proposed golf course at West Mabou Beach Provincial Park say legislation needs to be updated.

West Mabou Beach Provincial Park - CPAWS NS

A Nova Scotia environmental group wants the provincial government to amend an act that protects provincial parks.

This comes after two protected parks were recently targeted by developers for golf courses, something that could happen again if the legislation is not updated, advocates say.

Late in 2022, Cabot Cape Breton put forward a proposal to develop an 18-hole golf course utilizing some beachfront in West Mabou Provincial Park. A similar development was proposed in Little Harbour in 2019.

"We are very concerned that as long as the broad ministerial discretion and the ambiguity of what is or is not an allowed commercial private concession within a park is defined, that this vulnerability will remain," Plourde said.

He believes another developer will attempt to purchase parkland sooner or later, similar to what could have happened with Owls Head or West Mabou.

Read the full article here.

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