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Cabot Cape Breton, Mabou is Not For You.

Lorna MacNeil - Jan. 7, 2023 Full article published here

Cabot puts me in mind of our provincial bird, the Osprey. (Stick with me.)

The Osprey soars into Nova Scotia in the Spring, around April, and when the summer leaves, they do, like Cabot: They both return to their magnificent nests, impressive structures of sticks sitting on top of the tallest of trees, and abodes with “a refined palette of greys, blues, browns and crisp whites” caressed by “salt-laced air” – respectively.

Sure, the Inverness nest has “rich, rolling fairways waiting to reward …creativity” and was “built by dreamers” but Mabou is only down the road and, man oh man, have you seen that dune system?

Cabot knows that the West Mabou Beach Provincial Park has been promised to the ordinary people of Nova Scotia, present and future, and to the dune forest, the gypsum karst ecosystem, the endangered Piping Plover, the threatened olive-sky flycatcher, and all of the things.

As Nova Scotians, we cannot allow one of most ecologically valuable provincial parks, or part of it, to be leased out because Cabot are not satisfied with the nest they have. If we do, our provincial park system is not really a provincial park system.

And what then?

Read the full article here.

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