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Cabot tees up proposal for golf course in West Mabou provincial park

Updated: Mar 4

Francis Campbell Saltwire - Oct. 24, 2022

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The beach at West Mabou in Cape Breton that extends into a provincial park. - Francis Campbell

Nadine Hunt, a lifetime resident of the area and a member of the West Mabou Beach Provincial Park Committee, is as positive today as she was 20 years ago that a golf course does not belong in a provincial park, and especially not in the sensitive ecosystem that exists in the West Mabou Beach park.

“The door was closed on them once before and even this year, we had a violent hurricane here that just decimated our coastline and the talk now is all about protecting coastlines and coastal property, and in the same breath, they are talking about disturbing wetlands and dunes to build a golf course.

“It just boggles my mind that that could happen.”

Hunt said not only is the site a provincial park but a “very sensitive provincial park with one of most extensive dune systems in the province and the wetlands, the ponds, the sinkholes that make up the rest of the park.”

“I can’t believe that any environmental assessment would take very long to say hands off, because it’s too sensitive an area and the value of a provincial park like this for recreation for the public, with swimming, walking trails and boating. You want to remove part of that public land and give it to the elite golfer for the profit of a multinational company. It makes no sense whatsoever.”

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