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Cabot wants to build a golf course on West Mabou Beach Provincial Park

Jennifer Henderson The Halifax Examiner - Oct. 25, 2022

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Cabot Group included this map of its Mabou Golf Course proposal in its letter to nearby residents. Credit: Cabot Group

The Cabot Group, which operates the Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs, is intending to apply for a lease much of the West Mabou Beach Provincial Park to build a third golf course.

In 2018, Nadine Hunt and other citizens who serve on the West Mabou Beach Provincial Park advisory committee rejected Cabot’s proposal to build a golf course on part of the publicly owned park. Facing that opposition, Cabot did not ask the McNeil Liberal government for permission to lease a portion of the land.

But yesterday, Hunt received an email and attached letter titled “Mabou Golf Course Information Package,” details its intent to lease as much as one-third of the 215-hectare beach park to build a golf course.

“I can’t think of a worse place, ecologically speaking, to have a golf course,” says Hunt.

“The main feature is the two-kilometre long sandy beach. It has one of the most extensive dune systems in the province. The front faces the Northumberland Strait, the back side is on the Mabou Harbour where you have salt marshes — it has a lot of biodiversity. You are going to rip and tear the property of trees. You are going to fill in marshes and strip off the marram grass on the sand dunes. I mean, the Nova Scotia government is in the process of trying to implement a Coastal Protection Act, right? This flies in the face of everything that Act stands for. If they give this proposal even the minimum amount of attention, then in my mind, the government has zero credibility.”

“What’s different this time they are offering money to various groups in the community. In other words, they are trying to buy their support. It’s just pure and simple bribery, old-fashioned politics,” said Hunt.

West Mabou sales pitch

Cabot’s Mabou golf course information package for residents includes the following statements, including a promise of $125,000 a year:

"Cabot is committed to being a good neighbor and is proud to support local communities through staff volunteer efforts, sponsorships, and grants. In addition, the Mabou golf project will provide direct annual funding support to the following local organizations"

Read the full article here.

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