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Houston says any request from Cabot to build golf course in Mabou park will get due process

Jennifer Henderson The Halifax Examiner - Oct. 25, 2022

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Cabot Group included this map of its Mabou Golf Course proposal in its letter to nearby residents. Credit: Cabot Group

As reported Tuesday morning, Mabou resident and former Conservative premier Rodney MacDonald has sent a letter on behalf of The Cabot Group signaling its intention to apply to the Houston government to lease one-third of the West Mabou Beach Provincial Park so it can build a golf course. The letter went to members of the West Mabou Beach Park advisory committee, as well as Premier Tim Houston and the leaders of both the Liberal and NDP parties.

At Province House today, reporters asked political leaders for their response to The Cabot Group’s stated intention to lease publicly owned land to build another golf course.

Houston said if a proposal comes forward “we would look at that.”

“Obviously, it would have to go through extensive public consultation and other analysis. I think that’s what was missing in the Owls Head situation. I think with Owls Head the government of the day had struck some agreement with someone without going through the process. I can assure you that’s not the case here.”

The Examiner asked what’s the point of having a provincial park if a developer can make such a request.

“No request has been made,” Houston said. “The provincial parks are a valuable part of the Nova Scotian experience. If something comes forward, we will look at that but there will be extensive public consultations before anything would even be considered.”

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