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The Houston PCs are governing by ‘sheer legislative laziness’

Stephen Kimber The Halifax Examiner - November 5, 2023 Full article published here

Province House in June 2021. Credit: Zane Woodford

On Wednesday, November 1, CBC Radio Information Morning host Portia Clark interviewed representatives of two environmental groups that have banded together to try to convince the Houston government to amend and strengthen the Provincial Parks Act. Nature Nova Scotia and the Ecology Action Centre want the government to close loopholes and short-circuit future development proposals like recent ones at Owls Head and West Mabou Beach. Loopholes? Twice in the past five years, private developers quietly tried to convince governments to allow them to create golf courses even though the sites were already supposedly parkland protected under the act. Twice, activists had to rally to successfully derail the proposals.

Read the full article here.

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