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Informal West Mabou golf course proposal leaves residents in 'odd situation,' Burrill says

Francis Campbell Saltwire - Jan. 12, 2023

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The West Mabou Beach provincial park in western Cape Breton is the site of a proposed golf course by Cabot Cape Breton. - Alain Belliveau photo

Burrill, the former leader of the New Democratic Party, asked department officials if there had been “any hint of an overture or a draft proposal” from Cabot about the proposal that had been presented in the community in October by Cabot liaison and former premier Rodney MacDonald.

[Natural Resources and Renewables Deputy Minister Karen] Gatien said there had not been any.

“It’s an odd situation that the people of Inverness County are in,” Burrill said. “Government has not been put in a position of having to exercise any responsibility in the absence of a proposal and yet the proposal is on the community’s table, causing lots of concern and a considerable amount of division in the community.

“In this situation, where there is a de facto proposal but not a formal proposal — there’s a community proposal but not a government proposal — would it not be helpful or fitting for the department or the government to offer some sense of the parameters in which such a proposal would be received by the department? Would that not help in the present turmoil that’s taking place in Mabou?”

Read the full article here.

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