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Interview: Ben Cowan-Dewar, CEO of the Cabot Group

Updated: Mar 16

Information Morning - Cape Breton with Steve Sutherland CBC News - Jan. 12, 2023 Feature Interview here

Ben Cowan Dewar is the CEO and co-founder of the Cabot Group. He's the "man behind the plan" to lease the ecologically sensitive West Mabou Beach Provincial Park to develop a private golf course.

“We are not seeking to buy the land, the province, who owns the park, would continue to own it, we would operate on top of it,” says CEO Ben Cowan Dewar.

Editor's Note: Audubon International (which certifies golf courses) is not affiliated with the similarly named National Audubon Society (which is a conservation organization). We would like to share an excerpt from the statement that The National Audubon Society released on this important distinction:

Audubon receives many calls and letters from people who have confused Audubon with a different organization calling itself Audubon International. Since its inception in 1991, Audubon International, funded in part by the United States Golf Association, has been certifying golf courses that pay an annual membership fee as Audubon Cooperative Sanctuaries. Similar fee-based certifications are available from Audubon International to developers of cemeteries, municipal parks, campgrounds, resorts, stores, industrial facilities, marinas, residential communities and preparatory schools. Audubon is not associated with Audubon International in any way. Audubon does not certify golf courses, or any other development, as being environmentally sound. Indeed, Audubon very often opposes such development. Furthermore, Audubon sanctuaries are protected natural spaces for public enjoyment. No Audubon sanctuary is certified for development.

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