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Is West Mabou Beach the new Owls Head?

Philip Moscovitch The Halifax Examiner - Oct. 25, 2022

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The Cabot Group wants to build a third Cape Breton golf course, this one within a provincial park, Jennifer Henderson reports:

In 2018, Nadine Hunt and other citizens who serve on the West Mabou Beach Provincial Park advisory committee rejected Cabot’s proposal to build a golf course on part of the publicly owned park. Facing that opposition, Cabot did not ask the McNeil Liberal government for permission to lease a portion of the land.
But yesterday, Hunt received an email and attached letter titled “Mabou Golf Course Information Package,” details its intent to lease as much as one-third of the 215-hectare beach park to build a golf course.
“I can’t think of a worse place, ecologically speaking, to have a golf course,” says Hunt.

Henderson offers details of the proposals, some of the dubious claims Cabot makes, and highlights the company’s attempt to get support for the proposal by offering to funnel money into local groups if it goes ahead.

Click here to read “Cabot wants to build a golf course on Mabou Beach Provincial Park.”

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