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Letter: Golf proposal in Cape Breton provincial park should be rejected

Letter by Christiane Tanner Saltwire - Nov. 9, 2022

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A 215-hectare natural environment provincial park extends from the beach at West Mabou in western Cape Breton. - Francis Campbell/The Chronicle Herald

Here we go again. All of the usual culprits are teaming up again to sell our environment. Politicians don't get it, do they? The Earth is on fire. It is on fire because of greed.

I am referring in this case to West Mabou Beach Provincial Park which is now threatened to fall as another victim of greed with Cabot Cape Breton proposing to build a golf development on the property.

If the proposal goes ahead it would deprive Canadian citizens of what belongs to them by right and which they enjoy as it is: a natural, healthy beautiful ocean shore and adjacent land.

I would add to this that Mother Earth does not deserve to be dug out and completely upset and its beauty massacred for the pleasure of a few at the detriment of millions of Canadians and other people who come from all over the globe to breathe pure air and replenish their soul. Everyone should have access to this land, and it should be free.

So a firm “no” is my answer to the proposal. No deal for the would-be owner of this pristine shore. Don’t you realize that humanity needs places like this?

There should be no discussion. Nature shouldn't be for sale. It is our source of life. Go and put your golf courses on bare land. Don't build on precious productive land, and don't interfere with shores, dunes and sand beaches.

As for those with the political power to approve or disapprove such proposals, it is not your land to sell. It belongs to all Canadians. Protect us and our properties. That includes West Mabou Provincial Park.

Christiane Tanner


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