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Letter: Save Mabou Provincial Park

Updated: Mar 4

Letter to the Editor by Elly Heim Saltwire - Oct.31, 2022

Letter originally published here

It was with great concern we found out about the latest proposal by Cabot Cape Breton to transform part of a sensitive parkland into a golf course. This is not the first time they have tried to take away this public park from citizens. In 2018, a similar proposal was thankfully turned down. It is unfathomable that a private entity has the gall to even try to take public land and this must be stopped in its tracks.

Despite the claim of others that Cabot has only brought good fortune to the citizens of Inverness, there have been many downsides to its presence. I am a nurse and work at the hospital in Inverness. We have a wonderful residency program locally. It is quite successful and has even led to two residents staying here to serve our community.

One of the greatest difficulties, however, is to find housing for those residents. Not only has housing become an issue since Cabot has set up shop, but also property prices and taxes have gone up tremendously, making it difficult for many locals to afford it. This can not be balanced by the minimum wage jobs that Cabot offers.

If Cabot really cares as much about the community as it claims, then they would buy a private property to develop their golf course near Mabou and still offer monetary support to the diverse community groups. Otherwise it is bribery and nothing else.

That Cabot wants to build their golf course in an area with sensitive sand dunes and the very fragile salt marsh and pond area, where you find rare plants and animals, is unacceptable. This is in no way compatible with Nova Scotia's new Coastal Protection Act.

Premier Tim Houston was instrumental in saving Owl’s Head provincial park. We ask that he do the same for West Mabou Park.

Elly Heim, Mount Young

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