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Letter: Wearing Two Hats

Updated: Mar 3

Letter to the Editor by John Archie Rankin Saltwire - Nov.12, 2022

Letter originally published here

Re: “Cabot golf controversy could hurt Gaelic College in Cape Breton.” I wish to comment on the Nov. 1 SaltWire column by Tom Urbaniak, professor of political science at CBU.

I agree with Urbaniak’s analysis. I, too, question why Rodney MacDonald, the president of the Gaelic College (Colaisde na Gaidhlig), is involved — in a Cabot “community liaison” role — with directing / leading a Cabot proposal for a golf course at the West Mabou Beach Provincial Park. Unknown, perhaps, by some of your readers, is that the Gaelic College has a recently-established satellite campus (Beinn Mhabu) in Mabou.

MacDonald is wearing two hats in Mabou — as president of the Gaelic College and as a Cabot-retained community facilitator. As stated succinctly by Urbaniak: “MacDonald will need to deal with the same publics and the same government decision-makers in both roles.” Mr. MacDonald has put himself in an obviously untenable position. It is clear — even if he were not the pointman for Cabot — that his leadership / spearheading role on this proposal is not in the best interests of the Mabou community and Beinn Mhabu.

John Archie Rankin, Dartmouth (native son of Mabou)

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