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What’s the ‘due process’ at West Mabou Beach Provincial Park?

Jennifer Henderson The Halifax Examiner - Oct. 31, 2022

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News that a company owned by an American billionaire intends to apply to lease part of a publicly owned beach park in Cape Breton to build a golf course caught many by surprise last week.

Equally surprising was the response of Premier Tim Houston and Environment Minister Tim Halman that the provincial government is willing to consider the forthcoming application and give it ‘due process.’

... Under the Natural Resources process, the applicant who wants to lease publicly owned land (including parks) must submit a development plan that addresses potential environmental impacts. It must also submit a reclamation plan describing how the land would be returned to its former use.

Natural Resources then consults with other government departments, such as Environment & Climate Change. The Natural Resources department has the authority to order a full environmental assessment and/or public consultations about the project. (Houston has said the proposed Cabot project would include consultation with the public.)

The developer must also consult with the Mi’kmaw about the intended use of the land, including traditional and archaeological considerations.

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